The Kohan Group

The Persian word “Kohan” simply brings the reality and philosophy of who we are into perspective. It is an Idea, a building, a culture or a way of life which is from the past, it is new today and will be in the future. It speaks of reliability and everlasting dignity.

our vision

The Kohan Group embodies a philosophy of dignity and distinction. We are a professional entity which brings the best and creates the latest while retaining the wisdom and knowledge of the past. At the Kohan Group, we demonstrate these values by evaluating our work every day and building on our   experience. Our vision is to be your partner in your future endeavors on many fronts. It is also our goal to provide you with paramount consulting services. We believe that building lasting partnerships with our clients will cultivate trust and confidence, which we hold as our core values and which are   invaluable assets to our business relationship.